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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the band play for ?
We play a 3 hour set including a 20 minute break while the evening buffet takes place, this is usually an hour from when the band starts. 
2. what time will the band start at ?
We aim to start the first dance for 9:30 pm provided that we have access to the room and stage by 8:30 pm . We will finish up at 12:30 am and let the Dj take over then. This is just a guide line and if you wish to have the band starting earlier just let us know. 
3. do you offer a dj for after the band ?
Yes we do, and he is ready to start the minute the band finishes. 
4. do you play waltzes ?
Yes of course, your older guests will always enjoy a waltz.
5. How do we secure the band for our date ?
Simple, just get in contact with Nigel and he will gladly talk you through everything, a booking deposit is required.
6. We are getting dance LESSONS for the first dance song ?
In this situation we recommend using the original recording CD or iPod, this way you can be assured of the speed and form, as it will be exactly as you have rehearsed. Most of the time people do prefer to use this option anyway for the first dance, as it the exact version of your special song.

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